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Good News Sunday

Snippets of positive news to brighten your day.

  • UK: Chancellor of the Exchequer pushing for end of lockdown.

  • Brazil: Indigenous tribe wins decades-long battle against illegal loggers in the Amazon.

  • Israel: Researchers have developed a prototype face mask which can clean itself using electricity provided by a phone charger and could cost as little as $1.

  • France: Finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, said Air France would have to become “the greenest airline in the world” in return for a €7bn bailout.

  • Fancy a pint? The Red (On)Lion gives drinkers a chance to get together with friends or strangers and to support pubs through lockdown.

  • Poland: Restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and beauty salons now open.

  • 2020 might just be the best year in living memory for roses.

  • Spain: planning to reopen for tourists in July.

  • Bee kind: Free online website launched by the Bumblebee Trust to help people support pollinators, whilst Ikea has come up with a snappy solution for us to provide homes for bees.

  • France: beaches begin reopening.

  • Ireland: Social visits will be permitted to other households from 8 June, and from 29 June, people will be allowed to travel within a 20km radius of their homes.

  • The simple act of planning your next holiday is good for your mental health.

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