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OGN Monday

Starting the week with a picture that's bound to make you smile; plus a collection of positive news snippets from around the globe to brighten the day even more.

  • OGN's favourite street artist David Zinn has been at it again. Isn't this a gorgeous piece of chalk art trompe l'oeil?!

  • Canada to say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it's "a problem we simply can't afford to ignore."

  • Uganda is restoring an important habitat for endangered chimpanzees by planting 3 million trees to the Albertine Rift Forests, involving local communities in the process.

  • First Women's Only Tailors for Savile Row: The Deck London has announced the move of its atelier to Number 19 Savile Row which is the first shopfront on the famously sartorial street exclusively for women.

  • Top U.S. utility Duke Energy plans billions of dollars of new spending this decade as it ramps up efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Other power utilities have embraced similar strategies as the cost of renewable generation falls.

  • Belgium: Engineers have built a giant 'vacuum cleaner' to rid a nature reserve of millions of pieces of plastic litter too small to collect by hand.

  • Kind Teen Pays for Crying Mum: Another extraordinary story of a simple act of both kindness and generosity transforming the lives of all involved. Read what a 'soccer mom' in Ohio posted on Instagram.

  • Thank you to Bill and Melinda Gates, whose charitable foundation spends more each year on global health than the World Health Organisation.

  • Giant U.S. bank JPMorgan says it will commit $30 billion to address racial inequality over the next 5 years. The initiative seeks to provide $8 billion in new mortgages for Black and Latino borrowers, $14 billion in loans for affording housing projects, $2 billion in small business loans, and $2 billion in philanthropy.

  • Exhibition Celebrates Role of Migrants in NHS: Today, around a quarter of NHS staff are non-British nationals and many have been on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Now more than ever, this is a story that needs to be told,” says curator Aditi Anand.

  • Good news for Lewis Hamilton as he equals Michael Schumacher's 91 Grand Prix race wins at yesterday's F1 at the Nurburgring, putting him in pole position to become all-time 'most wins'.

  • Congratulations Rafa! Novak Djokovic drove Rafael Nadal to almost unprecedented heights of excellence but was powerless to stop his old rival winning his 13th French Open and the 20th major he needed to match the record of Roger Federer.

  • Be sure to go outside and look at Mars this week. A few hours after the Sun sets in the west, look to the east and you’ll see a big, bright “star” that’s unmistakably red. It won’t be as big, as bright and as well positioned for anyone in the northern hemisphere again until October 2052. 

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