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OGN Friday

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Collection of good news snippets to round off the week on a bright note.

  • Winter's coming, but it can look beautiful. As captured in this photograph by Preston Stoll of frosted trees in front of a bank of fog in Colorado.

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, sales of scented candles and retailers’ premium food ranges have soared as colder weather and the latest restrictions encourage Britons to hunker down for winter, indulging in a bit of hygge. Although, another Danish word, Samfundssind, may be more appropriate in today's world. Either way, the good news for all is that the tightening of government rules hasn't led to a repeat of the stockpiling in the spring.

  • Three Nigerian girls, living in Ireland, invent award-winning app for people with dementia. The teenagers beat more than 1,500 submissions from 62 countries to win Technovation Girls.

  • Demand for organic farm produce is on the rise everywhere, even in Vietnam, where the number of hectares being farmed organically has risen 450 percent since 2016, now at a total of 237,500 hectares (587,000 acres).

  • Front-Row Seats: Best Theatre and Dance to Enjoy Online. Just because life is a little tricky at the moment, it doesn't mean we have to forsake cultural delights. Here's a handful of recommendations to perk you up, available to watch from the comfort of your own armchair - wherever you live in the world. And, let's face it, we should all be doing our bit to support the arts.

  • This week's vaccine news was so good that it even prompted the highly unusual incident of a straight answer to a straight question on BBC Radio 4’s World At One. Asked by presenter Sarah Montague whether life should be returning to normal by the spring, Sir John Bell, a key member of the Government’s vaccine task force, replied: “Yes.”

  • Defying the disruption caused by lockdown, global renewable electricity installation will hit a record level in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, in sharp contrast to the declines in the fossil fuel sectors.

  • Astrophysicists may have just discovered the elusive hidden matter of the Universe. It's way too complicated for mere mortals to comprehend, but suffice to say that boffins at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale in Paris may have proven, for the first time, its existence through analysis of 20-year-old data.

  • 98 percent of Canadians will be provided with high-speed internet by 2026. "Good reliable internet isn't a luxury. It's a basic service," Justin Trudeau says.

  • Keys to Happiness - Views from East and West: What's best for you? Is it Ukeireru - the Japanese mindset of acceptance - or, as argued in the west, to be comfortable with being average.

  • During last week’s U.S. presidential election, voters in Colorado approved Proposition 118, which guarantees residents the right to three months of paid family leave. It’s a right that comes standard in Iceland, where, 20 years ago, a similar law changed what it means to be a father. This isn't a dad joke!

  • If you like dancing and playing the piano, you're definitely going to want one of these:

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