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OGN Tuesday

Bite sized chunks of positive news to get the day off to a bright start.

  • Good news for dogs and animal rights activists as Petco will no longer sell electronic 'shock' collars, making it the first major US pet products chain to pull the items from its stores. Shock collars, which account for roughly $10 million of Petco’s annual sales, deliver electrical pulses of varying intensity and duration to dogs in order to curb behaviors such as excessive barking or to act as an invisible fence to keep pets from running away. Animal rights groups have long argued that these collars cause unnecessary distress to pets.

  • New Smell-By Label: Rather than consumers' relying on Best Before dates on food products, a new ‘Smell-By’ label has been invented to help people know whether their food has actually gone bad, or if it’s still good to consume. It's further good news in the battle to reduce food waste.

  • Facebook has started to remove all pages across all its platforms that are linked to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory that thinks Donald Trump is battling a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles.

  • Coronavirus test that can detect pathogen in 5 minutes developed by Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna.

  • Remote work is here to stay. So why not do it in style? Sonder has marketed itself perfectly for the post-pandemic age: stylish, fully-furnished rentals in 39 cities across the world with contact-free service and a flexible pricing structure designed to favour long term stays of a month or more. Sonder plans to disrupt the way we think about travel, work, and living.

  • Charity Gives Homeless People Money: Canadian study shows how investing directly into people can help municipalities save money while improving their lives dramatically. 

  • The Sheku Effect: How a young cellist is inspiring a new generation. Music education is an important aspect of providing children with a well-rounded education. When allowed to work in harmony with other subjects and areas of study, music helps children grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and prepare for bright futures.

  • The Royal Ballet: Back on Stage at London's Covent Garden. Watch The Royal Ballet as the whole Company reunites on their home stage to perform a spectacular collection of highlights from their repertory. After an absence of seven months, The Royal Ballet are joined by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House to broadcast this live performance from the Main Stage to wherever you are in the world in a celebration of ballet. A film of the performance will be available to watch On Demand until Sunday 8 November 2020.

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