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New Smell-By Label

Rather than consumers' relying on Best Before dates on food products, a new ‘Smell-By’ label has been invented to help people know whether their food has actually gone bad, or if it’s still good to consume.

Last month we published a story about Too Good To Go, a clever app that's doing a great job Reducing Surplus Food Waste. But now the company has come up with another clever idea: smell-by labels.

According to Too Good To Go, a third of Brits rely solely on Best Before labels when deciding whether their food has gone bad. The problem? These dates are indicators of quality, not safety. That means that we’re throwing away thousands of tonnes of perfectly edible, delicious food, all because of a little label that’s just trying to say that your food isn’t quite as fresh as it once was.

For their new project, Too Good To Go teamed up with the world’s first professional S’mellier, Dariush Alavi, whose nostril superpowers were deployed to help prove when these foods are still good to go. The objective? To help us all get back in touch with our common sense; trusting our senses to do their job and alert us if we’re hovering near something we shouldn’t be eating.

Too Good To Go is planning to work with retailers in the future to help the stickers reach labeling on your packages. For now though, they can be ordered free from TGTG-NoseSense What are you waiting for?

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