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OGN Sunday

Inspiring collection of uplifting news snippets to brighten the day.

  • Got a ski trip planned this year? Or know someone who needs a stocking filler? Just type Beardo Ski Mask into Amazon and take your pick from the company's truly whacky selection of amazingly realistic ski masks.

  • Christmas present ideas: Sitting around chatting at OGN Towers, we've come up with an eclectic bundle of suggestions for Christmas presents for young and old. All of which have been featured on OGN at some point this year - including the ski masks above!

  • California: Kevin Cozzi dived into the ocean in Monterey to save a 10 year old girl who had got caught in the current. Haylee was being pulled out to sea and her mother, Samantha, just could not save her. Fortunately, Kevin was nearby and brought her back to shore. Samantha wanted to thank Kevin, and spent months trying to find him via social media. She did so, and subsequently set up a fundraising page to help pay for her hero's wedding. It's now raised over $53,000.

  • What to wear when you're throwing out your household trash: A father-daughter duo from Spain have won hearts all over the world with their adorable daily walk while they take out the trash. Why, you ask? Because, the two dressed up every day as famous characters for this mundane task.

  • England: Six year old Blake was at a McDonald's drive-thru when he told his mum that he wanted to "do something kind". That turned out to be buying food for the man in the car behind, and before you knew it, each car was paying for the one behind them. His mum, Amy, told the BBC: "It's amazing a little boy's positivity like that can cause such a reaction. It was just so lovely, such a lovely feeling."

  • Austin, Texas, is a city built around the car and where drivers spend an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic each year. To solve this, and other transport issues, the city now plans to invest more than $7 billion in a new public transit system, and another $460 million in new infrastructure focused on walking and biking.

  • Florida: Clocking in at 16 hours and 46 minutes, 21 year old triathlete Chris Nikic didn’t finish with the fastest time when he recently completed his first Iron Man race - but he did set a new world record. Last weekend, after swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running a 26.2 mile marathon, he became the first competitor with Down’s Syndrome to successfully cross the finish line in the 42 year history of the Iron Man Race. “You have shattered barriers while proving without a doubt that anything is possible,” tweeted the official Ironman Triathlon Organization. “We are beyond inspired, and your accomplishment is a defining moment in Ironman history.”

  • Protecting the rainforest through your shopping basket: New laws should help prevent consumers from buying food grown on rainforest land that has been illegally logged. UK firms will be banned from selling commodities if their production breaches local laws protecting forests and other natural areas. The change will be included in a new Environment Bill that MPs will discuss. The aim is to stop British consumers playing an inadvertent role in an environmental crime through the goods in their supermarket basket.

  • Everyone, at some point, has had their bike stolen or most definitely knows someone who has. Wouldn't it be nice to put an end to such annoyance? One bike manufacturer has a plan to reduce theft and will even replace your bike if it fails.

  • A charity based in Derby is appealing for Secret Santas who can help make life easier for vulnerable and bereaved children. The Revive Healthy Living Centre is looking for anybody who can buy a gift for these youngsters. Jo Andrew, centre manager, says: “Feedback from the Secret Santa programme is always positive. It literally saves Christmas for so many families and children. I’m always really humbled by the number of people who contact me that, despite having difficulties of their own, are willing to help someone else out. The community spirit in Derby, Derwent and Chaddesden is amazing and really heartening.”

  • Did you see Jon Rahm's extraordinarily lucky shot in the warm up to the Masters golf tournament in Atlanta? Check this out:

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