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Christmas Present Ideas

Sitting around chatting at OGN Towers, we've come up with an eclectic bundle of suggestions for Christmas presents for young and old. All of which have been featured on OGN at some point this year. And, tomorrow, we'll be publishing our 12 favourite luxury advent calendars for grown ups - so Christmas can start early!

Did you know that socks are the most needed but under-donated item of clothing that homeless shelters receive? That’s why OGN's blowing the trumpet for Jollie Socks. For every pair bought, a pair of Jollie’s is given to a shelter. Maybe pop a pair in a loved one's Christmas stocking or on your own feet?

Coros SafeSound Road helmet: with bluetooth headphones, a microphone, a tail light, and more tech, it's one smart cycling lid. Something to add to your Christmas list?

Decades ago, as part of its rigorous training programme, NASA asked specialists to develop the “smell of space” in order to help prepare astronauts for the experience of outer space. And now Eau de Space is available for anybody that wants to smell out of this world.

Got a ski trip planned this year? Or know someone who needs a stocking filler? Just type Beardo Ski Mask into Amazon and take your pick from the company's truly whacky selection of amazingly realistic animal ski masks.

Clinical psychologist Scott Haas discovered a refreshingly simple and effective way to attain happiness through his intimate experience with Japanese culture over years. And you don’t have to be Japanese to practice it. He introduces the idea in his recently published book: Why Be Happy?

Game Changing eBike: In the post-lockdown world, getting around by bike – and ebike – is set to boom. OGN reviewed the game changing VanMoof S3 and recommended it as the most desirable ride of 2020? If your budget extends to a couple of grand, this is the top pick. If you try to order one over the phone, remember VanMoof rhymes with loaf, not hoof.

Uncanny Cat Lookalikes: You probably know someone who looks like their dog, but what about our feline friends? Photographer Gerrard Gethings set out to match moggies with their lookalikes - with uncanny results. No doubt a great many cat owners - whether they look like their furry friends or not - will enjoy Do You Look Like Your Cat? in their Christmas stocking this year.

Specialist Face 'Mask': Originally designed to filter air pollution for cyclists in urban areas, the G95 Bioscarf is a sustainable alternative to disposable face masks with a built-in filter that offers better protection against airborne particles than a standard N95-rated face mask. So, if you're looking for a sustainable and ultra-protective gear in these difficult times (you don't have to be on a bike to wear a bioscarf!), you may want to visit the G95 website and place an order.

A Series of Fortunate Events: A lighthearted exploration of the roles that chance and coincidence play in human existence. Any book described by Bill Bryson as 'fascinating and exhilarating' has got to be worth considering.

Looking for something practical to get the lucky recipient through the winter months? The key to staying warm as the weather cools is finding the right layers, which trap heat around your body. And no brand offers better and more affordable layers than Uniqlo, which carries our favorite secret weapon for fighting off chills: Heattech clothes. Leggings, trousers, crew neck tees, gilets. For men, women and children. 

A couple more suggestions:

  • If you're buying a book in the UK, we suggest trying Bookshop to support the independent book stores on the high street, rather than Amazon.

  • We're also big fans of NotOnTheHighStreet for similar reasons.

  • If you can't wait until Christmas, be sure to read tomorrow's selection of the Best Luxury Advent Calendars for Grown Ups - and let Christmas start at the beginning of December! This year, of all years, we all need a treat.

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