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OGN Wednesday

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Collection of good news snippets to perk up the day.

  • Tristan da Cunha, an island in the South Atlantic Ocean with just 245 permanent residents, is creating a marine protection zone to safeguard endangered rockhopper penguins, yellow-nosed albatross, and other wildlife covering an area of 700,000 (that's three times the size of the UK) making it the fourth-largest such sanctuary in the world.

  • Trump's people set up a hotline to report voter fraud, it got flooded with prank calls, and it had to be shut down. Of course that happened. Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers.

  • Three of Britain’s biggest energy companies have agreed to build giant underwater power cables to bring Scotland’s vast reserves of renewable energy to millions of homes in England. The multi-billion pound energy 'superhighway' could help to unlock the potential of the prime minister’s plan to build enough offshore wind farms to power every home in the country by 2030.

  • You will know Goldie Hawn as the star of Private Benjamin and numerous other Hollywood comedy hits, but she's also a star in education and psychology circles too. Now she's kindly making her Mindfulness App free to children and their parents to help everyone cope in these difficult times.

  • La Morada, a small Mexican family-run restaurant in the Bronx which opened in 2009 and has won Michelin acclaim for its Oaxacan food, has also served as a soup kitchen during the pandemic. In addition to serving paying customers, it makes about 650 meals a day for the unemployed, New Yorkers who live without gas and can't cook, older adults, or the disabled.

  • EU plans to increase offshore windfarm capacity by 250 percent. Proposal would create 62,000 jobs and help towards carbon neutrality by 2050, says commission.

  • Climate hero: Uruguay. Twenty years ago, this South American country burned oil to produce almost a third of its electricity and had to import power from Argentina. Since then its eco-credentials have been transformed.

  • A 17 year old Bangladeshi boy has won the International Children's Peace Prize for his work combating cyber-bullying in his country, and he vowed to keep fighting online abuse until it is eradicated. Sadat Rahman was handed the prestigious award at a ceremony in The Hague.

  • Scotland has the single largest peat deposit in the world, making it the single largest carbon repository in the world. So, it's enormously important. UK government may request it becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site and really, really should!

  • For those who like to gaze at the night sky, this week offers a lively show courtesy of the Leonid meteor shower and, as an added bonus, all seven planets will be visible throughout the night. The absence of a strong moon will help visibility immensely. Maybe download an app like Skyview Lite (it's free) to help you navigate yourself around the heavens. Having said that, paid for apps are way better!

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