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OGN Sunday

Time to put your feet up and enjoy today's good news.

  • Stranger, passing by, takes the only picture of couple getting married on Brooklyn Bridge then tracks them down on Twitter so they have an image of the special occasion.

  • Japan: it now looks almost certain that Sony will be entering the electric car market. Likely to have a pretty good entertainment system too.

  • Night skies in August: All the meteor showers, astronaut launches, and celestial events happening this month.

  • Peak Petrol: a study by Deloitte estimates that 42 per cent of new cars sold in Europe by the end of this decade will be pure-electric. Polling also shows that half of UK motorists are considering purchasing an electric vehicle as their next model.

  • The World Wide Fund for Nature reveals wild populations of tigers are increasing in five countries, as the charity marks the ten year anniversary of TX2, an ambitious drive to double wild tigers numbers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. 

  • London: Matching pair of rare Chinese vases sell for £324,000 after sitting unnoticed on downsizing couple's mantelpiece for decades.

  • How to make a spacesuit: SpaceX reveals its secrets.

  • British boarding schools chartering flights to make sure Chinese pupils arrive next term.

  • Sweden tells staff to work from home for the rest of the year, if possible, to make life safer for those travelling into the office; a day after revealing it is seeing a 'very positive' drop in new covid cases.

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