OGN Friday

Round up of positive news snippets to conclude the week.

  • A view of nature is always a lovely way to start the day. Like this Spring Maple tree shadow in Weybridge, Vermont.

  • Spitting Image is back: The iconic British comedy series is back to stick two fingers up at the political establishment and mock the world of showbiz. Starts tomorrow!

  • Scientists at Portsmouth University have developed a new super-enzyme that eats plastic six times faster than previous one. In great news for cleaning up plastic waste, the enzymes are able to consume 90 percent of plastic bottles within 10 hours.

  • ‘Game Changing’ 15 minute Covid-19 test cleared in Europe.

  • Good news for an 89-year-old pizza delivery driver in Utah who received a surprise delivery of his own from 'regulars' on his route - a $12,000 tip.

  • Smart Cane for the Blind: Turkish inventor creates Smart Cane to help the visually impaired navigate their surroundings better.

  • The UK’s first hydrogen train is set to make its debut on mainline rail tracks in Warwickshire as the Transport Secretary prepares to unveil a green technology drive as part of the 'green recovery'. Unlike diesel trains, hydrogen-powered trains do not emit harmful gases, instead using hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, water and heat.

  • Kitten raised by husky dog thinks she's a dog - adorable 1 minute video.

  • Florida: The stars aligned earlier this month when five female firefighters at Palm Beach Gardens Fire and Rescue made history as the first all-female fire crew in the department's 57-year existence.

  • Biden's chances of winning the presidency in November have increased following the chaotic and fiery first debate with Trump, according to bookmakers. Betting experts Oddschecker said the debate had led to the "biggest swing in the market in six months," with a shift of 5.63 percent in the Democrat's favour. That means Biden's implied probability has risen from 55.60 percent to 58.34 percent, while Trump's has dropped from 45.50 percent to 42.10 percent. Bookmaker Betfair reported a similar trend. Biden was 4/5 (56 percent) to win the election before the debate, improving to 4/6 (60 percent) afterwards, Betfair said. Meanwhile, Trump moved from 11/8 (43 percent) to 6/4 (40 percent).