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Spitting Image is Back

The iconic British comedy series is back to stick two fingers up at the political establishment and mock the world of showbiz - exclusively on BritBox - from 3 October.

The last time Spitting Image was on TV, Tony Blair was Leader of the Opposition, England were preparing to host football's European Championships and Noel and Liam Gallagher were dominating the tabloids as those bad boys of Britpop Oasis rocked the charts.

A lot has changed since 1996, but it feels like perfect timing for a comeback from the very British satire.

The original Spitting Image struck gold, and having Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reegan in charge of the House of Commons and the White House was a dream combo for the talented puppet creators, satirical comedy geniuses and uncannily accurate voice artists who united to poke fun at the powerful and prick sensitive celebrity egos.

With Boris Johnson and Donald Trump at the top of the establishment, the Royal Family in turmoil (again) and a new generation of selfie-loving, self-involved celebrities, it feels like the world needs Spitting Image now more than ever.

The original show's co-creator Roger Law is back to head the creative team and more than 100 puppets have been crafted for the new series.

The only way to watch the new series is via Britbox at £5.99 per month. But there's a free trial and no contract, so you can unsubscribe at any time. Spitting Image will hit the screen on Saturday 3 October. New episodes will then be released weekly for 10 weeks.

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