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OGN Wednesday

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Collection of mid-week good news snippets to brighten the day.

  • Greta Thunberg has been awarded a Portuguese rights award and promptly pledged the €1m ($1.15m) prize to groups working to protect the environment and halt climate change.

  • EU leaders have reached a historic agreement on a €750bn coronavirus pandemic recovery fund and their long-term spending plans following the bloc’s longest summit in nearly two decades.

  • UK is in a V-shaped recovery, says Andy Haldane, Bank of England economist.

  • World Economic Forum, famed for its high-powered annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, says building back greener could create millions of jobs and trillions in economic opportunity.

  • New York: Uber has quietly launched a service to give public health officials quick access to data on drivers and riders presumed to have come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

  • Hopes for a vaccine to address the global spread of coronavirus have been raised after Oxford University’s experimental version was revealed to be safe and to generate a strong immune response.

  • UAE: First Mars mission from UAE has lifted off and aims to inspire a new generation of space scientists. The Hope orbiter will arrive in February 2021 to begin a two year survey of the weather on the red planet.

  • Portugal: in more good news for the environment, yet another country announces the early end to coal power. The move was hailed by climate campaigners pushing for a quick phase-out of coal power, the most polluting fossil fuel.

  • Russia: Vaccine is ready and safe, claims Defence Ministry. The country aims to have 30 million doses of a vaccine for the virus this year.

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