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OGN Wednesday

Nuggets of good news to brighten the day.

  • Queen – no, not that one – to appear on postage stamps. Rock band Queen are to feature on a series of UK postage stamps over the summer and, to help celebrate, OGN Daily couldn't resist guiding you towards arguably the best spoof music video of lockdown: Coronavirus Rhapsody

  • Oxford vaccine: Best case scenario is the vaccine being ready for distribution in October.

  • Facebook advertiser revolt over failure to address hate speech gathers momentum as more and more companies stop advertising on the platform in ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign.

  • The Great Anthropause: the name being given to the positive impact on wildlife of the absence of humans during lockdown.

  • New York: Workers return as city enters phase two of reopening, as residents can dine out, and shops and salons can welcome customers.

  • Many prominent public figures have recently donated towards causes that support racial justice, but no donation tops that of Netflix founder Reed Hastings, after he pledged $120 million for America’s historically black colleges and universities.

  • Originally designed to filter air pollution for cyclists in urban areas, the G95 Bioscarf is a sustainable alternative to disposable face masks with a built-in filter that offers better protection against airborne particles than a standard N95-rated face mask.

  • The Vatican urges all Catholics to divest from fossil fuels. The calls was contained in a manual for church leaders to mark the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ landmark encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praised Be) on the need to protect nature, life, and defenseless people.

  • Oregon: University graduate recording Star Spangled Banner for virtual graduation surprised by the serendipitous support of passing opera singer.

  • Glastonbury: All is not lost! Virtual celebrations of Glastonbury will take place across the weekend on which the festival was originally scheduled to take place, from Thursday 25 June to Monday 29 June. The BBC’s Glastonbury Experience will act as a virtual Worthy Farm this year. 

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