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OGN Sunday

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

A quick round up of good news snippets to get Sunday off to a bright start.

  • Wales: Instead of putting up signs instructing shoppers to stay 2m apart, owners decided on something a little more quirky, like: 'Stay 7 Chihuahuas apart'. The idea was to get people bemused and then to chat when the penny dropped, because queueing is boring.

  • Australia: Two years ago, Elon Musk was challenged (on Twitter) to build a battery storage facility in southern Australia. More than two years after winning the bet, the really good news is that Musk’s resulting Australian facility is a total success.

  • UK: British government offers 30 million people flu jabs to alleviate healthcare pressure if the second wave of COVID-19 arrives.

  • Fish can talk. Yes, really. The sounds they make are remarkable, particularly coral dwellers. Take a look (and a listen) to this delightful 6 minute video made by biologists using hydrophones to record underwater sounds.

  • USA: 70 per cent of Americans have experienced a wake-up call during the pandemic to shift their purchases away from bigger corporations and, instead, shop small, according to a new poll of US adults.

  • Cancer early detection: A blood test can pick up cancers up to four years before symptoms appear, researchers say, in the latest study to raise hopes of early detection.

  • Your next smart phone will be much harder to scratch as 'gorilla glass' provides a significant improvement in scratch prevention.

  • Picture this: it's early March and it's becoming increasingly clear that, bit by bit, the world was going to go into lockdown. And you want to get home to be with your family, particularly your 90 year old father. The problem is that you live on the tiny Portuguese island of Porto Santo and your family is in Argentina - and all flights have been cancelled.

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