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OGN Friday

Rounding off the week with a selection of good news nuggets.

  • Tanzania: Small scale subsistence miner finds biggest tanzanite gems in history, worth $3.3m. Saniniu Laizer plans to build a school and a shopping mall, but will hold a really big party first.

  • Vaccine: Two human trials of new vaccines are underway in the UK (Oxford and London), but the really good news is that they are joining around 120 other vaccine programmes under way around the world.

  • Waitrose: Well-heeled customers can relax in the knowledge that poorly-treated chlorinated chicken and hormone-pumped beef will never be sold in stores, its new executive director pledged amid concerns over a US-UK trade deal.

  • Goodbye ugly solar panels: New colorful panels show renewable energy can look beautiful too.

  • MCC: Clare Connor pronounced being named president of Marylebone Cricket Club as the honour of her life after becoming the first woman to hold the role in its 233-year history. Of MCC's 18,000 members, only 217 are women.

  • Latin America: Two small countries, Uruguay and Paraguay, have bucked the regional trend and can claim a near total victory against the virus.

  • Pilates: 'No-brainer' 99p virtual classes have captured thousands of enthusiasts seeking long, lean, toned muscles.

  • Renewable energy breaks UK record in first quarter of 2020, with wind and solar power generating 47% of Britain’s electricity. That was before lockdown!

  • India: Children, between the ages of 4 and 15, now bring 25 plastic waste items to a School in Assam each week, instead of paying tuition fees. Good for both the environment and wider education in this poor community.

  • Ireland: More than 50 of the country's biggest companies who, in 2015, pledged to halve their carbon footprint by 2030 are following through on their promise, new figures suggest.

  • Humanity has taken another step towards zero-emissions aviation after the first-ever flight of a commercial-scale electric-powered aircraft in the UK took place this week.

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