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OGN Saturday

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Getting the weekend off to a positive start with a round up of good news snippets.

  • Glastonbury: No wellies, no mud, no tent - don't forget to celebrate 50 years of the iconic festival on TV at home. BBC has comprehensive coverage all weekend.

  • Asteroid attack: It's about us attacking the asteroid, not the other way round. How NASA plans to save the world... with no need to call on Bruce Willis this time.

  • Good week for teenage K-pop fans who expertly trolled Donald Trump by reserving tickets to his widely criticised Tulsa rally, embarrassing the president with empty seats.

  • Bike boom: UK sales up 60% in April as Covid-19 changes lifestyles.

  • Going Dutch: The Netherlands may have figured out something about working from home (pandemic or no) that the rest of the world has yet to learn.

  • Two pig farmers from Suffolk are supporting one million bees by planting wildflowers on 33 hectares of their land, a bee survey has confirmed.

  • US: NASA renames its Washington DC headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, their first Black female engineer who joined the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics - NASA’s predecessor -in 1951.

  • Mongolia: When a common cuckoo took off from Mongolia last June (with a tiny tracker) no one expected him to make a 26,000km round trip to southern Africa.

  • Australia: Following devastating bushfires six months ago, the critically-endangered smoky mouse had been feared extinct by conservationists as more than 90 percent its habitat had been scorched. Happily it turns out that's not the case.

  • France: First phase of what will be the world’s largest urban farm has just opened on the roof of the Paris Exhibition Centre, following a two-month delay. It currently covers an area of 4,000m², but plans to expand the space to 14,000m² by 2022.

  • Greta Thunberg: The coronavirus pandemic and the BLM movement have given the young activist hope by demonstrating that, if the emergency is great enough, those in power are, indeed, able to act.

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