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OGN Tuesday

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Today's round up of good news snippets from across the globe.

  • The name Tuesday comes from a Middle English word, Tiwesday. This word came from the Old English word Tiwes dæg. This was named after the Nordic god Tyr. Tyr was the God of War, like the Roman war god Mars, and Greek god Ares. Despite all that, let's make this Tuesday a great day!

  • Horological Conservator: As the clocks went back this autumn, the horological conservator at Windsor Castle was busy changing more than 400 clocks from the Royal Collection Trust. The rest of us just relied on our smartphone to do its thing.

  • Dozens of candidate vaccines are in clinical evaluation, according to the World Health Organization, with some already conducting late-stage tests before seeking formal approval. “We will know whether a vaccine is safe and effective by the end of November, the beginning of December,” says White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  • Methane emissions are a significant cause of global warming, but targetting exactly where they originate is a much more complex task. Fortunately, a new resource from GHGSat is putting methane emitters on the map. Literally.

  • NASA has announced there is water on the moon. There are a series of water traps that can be used in space expeditions. There is no indication of how the ice got there, but it debunks previous theories that any possible water would be evaporated by the sun. NASA says that the liquid on the moon is unequivocally water.

  • Japan’s prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has said the country will become carbon neutral by 2050, heralding a bolder approach to tackling the climate emergency by the world’s third-biggest economy. The policy shift brings Japan into line with the European Union, which set itself a similar target last year, while China recently announced it would become carbon-free by 2060.

  • Solar is now the 'cheapest electricity in history', says the International Energy Agency. The extra good news is that this will further accelerate the end of coal. But what if the efficiency of solar panels were doubled? That would really light up the market...

  • Nearly 60 million Americans cast early vote as record-shattering turnout expected. The vast numbers of early voters in the most consequential election in generations is fuelling what promises to be record-shattering turnout. Not since 1908 have more than 65% of eligible US voters actually exercised that right.

  • Welsh company, Riversimple, aims to start 'selling' its hydrogen powered two-seater city car by 2023. Frankly, it's not a thing of great beauty but OGN supports any new mode of transport that produces zero harmful emissions.

  • Celebrations as Chile votes by huge majority to scrap Pinochet-era constitution. A plebiscite called in response to street protests in 2019 sees 78% of people back a new charter to replace one imposed by military dictator.

  • Dallas ice cream shop that employs people with special needs was struggling during lockdown so locals raised more than $100,000 to save it.

  • ‘Hideous’ River Trent becomes first major UK waterway to be rerouted to encourage otters and trout. Pressure from environment charities has been building as they ask the government to bring our rivers back to their natural state. Rivers running through industrial towns and cities were historically straightened and stripped of nature in order to help boat trade and funnel pollution, but now the government is aiming to right that wrong and 're-wiggle' our waterways.

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