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OGN Monday

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Snippets of positive news to get the week off to a good start.

  • Blue whales, the largest animals on Earth, like to gather off the coast of San Francisco to feed on krill. Right now, they are showing up in record breaking numbers. Despite their huge size, blue whales can be difficult to spot, so finding almost 50 in one area is a special occurrence and good news for conservationists and whale watching fanatics alike. 

  • Canada: Toronto would like to be seen as the nice person’s Silicon Valley, if that’s not too much trouble. It could even become the Switzerland of privacy.

  • Michigan: Man uses his father's lucky coin to scratch lottery ticket and wins $4 million - for the second time!

  • Scotland: Could eliminate coronavirus by end of summer if the decline in new cases continues, according to a public health expert at Edinburgh University.

  • Hermits: Discovering that their pursuit of solitude is suddenly a source of inspiration to the world.

  • Sweden: Alpacas could hold the key to neutralising Covid-19 and help suppress any second wave of coronavirus and allow countries to safely lift lockdown, researchers claim.

  • Holland: Dutch parliament has voted to ban mink farming.

  • Miami Beach: Garbage men break down in tears when residents all got up really early to surprise them with a ‘Thank You’ party.

  • Cosmic concert: For the first time, music composed from the acoustic waves that blasts out of stars has been made available online.

  • Texas: 70-year-old mum of 4 from Chile graduates from Brazosport College with a bachelor's degree in applied technology.

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