OGN Monday

Bundle of good news snippets to launch the week.

  • Mahatma Gandhi to become first non-white person on British currency.

  • Irish woman is left in hysterics after spotting her British colleague Googling 'how to pronounce Fionnula' when they shared their screen during a zoom call.

  • eBussy for Free Spirits: Modular EV that's also a camper, pickup truck and more. Perfect for creating envious glances at festivals.

  • Financial giant Deutsche Bank has introduced a new energy policy banning financial support of drilling in the Arctic; and the UK’s largest pension fund, Nest, has announced that it is to divest from firms involved in coal extraction, tar sands and arctic drilling.

  • Post-Pandemic: Positive Predictions.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a $750 million investment to expand electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. The funding is set to create more than 50,000 charging stations and other EV infrastructures in the state. ⁠

  • California: In excellent news for the Native Americans of the Esselen Tribe, their ancestral homeland of has been returned to them, after being landless for a quarter of a millennium.

  • The famously libertarian state of New Hampshire just passed a law that’ll allow flying cars to drive on its roads - once you’re actually able to buy one, that is.

  • Ireland: Campaigners are celebrating a win at the supreme court in Dublin, which will require the government to develop a more ambitious climate strategy. The political situation in Ireland had already taken on a greener hue, with a new coalition government last month promising to enshrine a 2050 net zero emissions target in law. Still, the ruling reinforces the need for immediate action to cut emissions.

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