OGN Friday

Updated: Jul 13

Round up of good news snippets to conclude the week.

  • In good news for democracy, a British court has refused to give Nicolás Maduro control of $1bn (£799m) of gold bullion held by Venezuela in the vaults of the Bank of England, ruling the UK government has “unequivocally recognised” his rival Juan Guaidó as president.

  • A glove that translates sign language into speech in real time has been developed by scientists at UCLA - potentially allowing deaf people to communicate directly with anyone, without the need for a translator.

  • Golf: This 2 minute video shows why the little dimples on golf balls are so important, as 4 pros hit some drives.

  • Switzerland: A new kind of particle that has never been seen before has been found at CERN. The Large Hadron Collider 'beauty project' spotted the four-quark particle, in a discovery that could help reveal important information about the very building blocks of all matter.

  • Oxford University is leading the world in developing a vaccine against Covid-19 and offers the best chance of having something protective against the virus as we go into winter.

  • America's stock market has just had its best quarter in 20 years.

  • UK government’s development bank has (finally!) bowed to calls to end fossil fuel financing abroad by promising to invest only in companies that align with the Paris climate agreement.

  • Brazil: A growing movement for sustainable agriculture in the Amazon rainforest has taken on new urgency.

  • Colombia: Garbage man started collecting the books he picked up whilst disposing of other people's rubbish and has now opened a free library for his local community.

  • San Diego: Starbucks employee receives more than $16K in tips after refusing to serve a customer who wasn't wearing a mask.

  • US: Using UV-C light, a new autonomous robot developed at MIT can disinfect a warehouse floor in 30 minutes - and could soon be deployed in shops, schools and other spaces.

  • Finland: Cheap and quick coronavirus breath test set for trial in Helsinki. It could become the fastest and most affordable test for the virus, as it generates a diagnosis in about two minutes at a cost of only two euros.

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