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OGN Wednesday

Mid week round up of good news from around the world.

  • The lynx population in Spain and Portugal has increased nine-fold in 18 years, according to the latest census of the animals. It's a remarkable turnaround for a species threatened with extinction two decades ago. The latest headcount put the population at 855, compared to 94 in 2002.

  • How to boost your immunity: Unless you're lucky enough to live in Taiwan or New Zealand, the picture isn't particularly rosy. So, to be sensible and minimise the risks, there are steps we can all take now to boost our immunity.

  • The R-rate in England has fallen to 1, King’s College has said, leading to hopes that a national lockdown - planned to begin on Thursday - can be avoided. Come on Boris!

  • We have all used numerous different hand sanitisers in recent times, but next time you're stocking up you might like to consider HANDiBAC (despite its use of capitals and lower case letters!), not least because it’s pretty stylish, smells good and for every one purchased via the online store the company will donate another to nurses, doctors, ambulance teams and many more key workers. It’s also refillable, a good pocket size and can be used to clean smartphones, tablets, computer screens. Handy!

  • Good news for the future of aviation: Here's a quick round up of all the environmentally positive stuff on the near horizon. Be it hybrid, electric or hydrogen - it's all coming. Buckle up!

  • Bookshop is being positioned as an alternative to Amazon. It supports independent bookstores, and launched yesterday, aiming to have 200 British bookshops signed up by the end of the year. OGN suggests book marking the link in your 'favourites' and let's give UK bookshops a fighting chance.

  • Ethnic diversity enforced by law: In Singapore, the government dictates the ethnic makeup of apartment buildings. Is that just control freakery or a good idea?

  • London Zoo is to help the Duke of Cambridge with global search for “inspiring innovators” who can lead the way in repairing the planet as part of the landmark £50m Earthshot prize. The charity is among more than 100 different nominating partners across all seven continents who will be involved in what the Duke hopes will become the Nobel Prize equivalent for environmental efforts. Nominations opened on Sunday (1 November) for the awards, which will feature categories that aim to make substantial improvements to life on earth by 2030 and provide what the Duke has described as “a bit of positivity” amid various climate challenges.

  • Harley-Davidson e-bicycle: Company reveals its first electric bicycle that pulls inspiration from the H-D's original 1903 motorcycle. The e-bike's design includes a sleek black frame, leather saddle and grips, and white tires. Cool, or what?

  • Like hundreds of others, 9 year old Reese Osterberg and her family were devastated to lose their home last month in California’s Fresno County Creek Fire. A huge baseball fan, Reese’s precious baseball card collection was also lost to flames. She’d been collecting since she was 6 years old, and over three years she’d amassed an impressive 100 cards she was proud of. When the Fresno County Fire crew heard about Reese’s collection, they decided to do their bit. Spreading the word on Facebook, they asked if anyone could help a little girl by donating some of their own cards. Luckily, Kevin Ashford saw the post on social media. He told NBC Bay Area, “I got to thinking about what I had in the garage… I thought, you know, what of instead of selling them on eBay, I’m going to donate them. I’m gonna donate them all and put a smile on a little girl’s face.” So that’s exactly what Kevin did. Given that he’s been amassing his baseball card collection since the 1990s, he had over 25,000 to donate. Can you imagine how happy Reese Osterberg was?

  • Feel like a musical uplift? It's an OGN favourite: Adele's delightfully uplifting Set Fire to the Rain filmed at the Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy!

We hope OGN Daily has brightened your day. Have a good one!

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