Harley-Davidson e-Bicycle

Harley-Davidson reveals its first electric bicycle that pulls inspiration from the company's original 1903 motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson is known for its high-powered hogs and thumping engine noise, but the motorcycle company is getting into the electronic bicycle business with a new division named after it's first bike. The 117-year-old company unveiled the Serial 1 Cycle Company, borrowing from the nickname of the very first motorcycle it sold back in 1903, 'Serial Number One.'

The e-bike's design includes a sleek black frame, leather saddle and grips, and white tires, which are also a nod to the early design. It's being spun off as a separate business, rather than a Harley-Davidson subdivision, with the first commercial model expected in March 2021. 

'Great steps are being taken to make the bikes as easy and intuitive to operate as possible, which includes key features like a mid-mounted motor with integrated battery, integrated lighting and internal brake lines and wiring,' says brand manager Aaron Frank.

Enthusiast site Electrek surmises that, based on the available images, it will include 'a mid-drive motor, a belt drive system that looks very much like a Gates Carbon Drive setup … frame-integrated headlights and taillights, thru-axle wheel hubs, what appear to be Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes on 203 mm rotors, a Brooks leather saddle, and beautifully wrapped leather handgrips.'

There's no word yet on pricing but if you have yet to succumb to the temptation of an e-bike, maybe it's worth waiting another few months...?