OGN Sunday

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Snippets of good news from around the globe.

  • Spain: Barcelona's Sagrada Familia reopened on Saturday, giving frontline workers the chance to have the usually tourist-packed landmark to themselves in recognition of their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • China: Since being identified as the world’s largest producer and manufacturer of plastic, China has begun ramping up its restrictions on harmful single-use plastics, banning the use of plastic bags and plastic straws in all major cities by the end of 2020, with smaller towns and cities required to follow suit by 2022.

  • The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago, and data from NASA satellites has revealed a counter intuitive source for much of this new foliage: China and India.

  • Brazil: In a impressive demonstration of what two people can achieve, a Brazilian couple have planted 2.7 million trees over the last 20 years, bringing a dying forest in Minas Gerais back to life.

  • England: People relished their first pub drinks in more than three months, went to restaurants and finally got haircuts on Saturday as the country took its biggest steps yet towards resumption of normal life after lockdown.

  • White Cliffs of Dover: Cliff-top meadows saved by Dame Vera Lynn sees endangered birds thrive and the fields are now filled with wildflowers and poppies, and bursting with life.

  • Germany: From July 2021, the sale of a multitude of single-use and disposable items will be banned in order to reduce the amount of plastic and polystyrene waste in the environment.

  • Norway: With most countries having around 3% of their vehicles as electric, Norway remains on track for all new cars to be electric by 2025. Last year, 56% of Norway’s new cars were electric (full electric or plug-in hybrids).

  • Edible straws: In another initiative to eradicate single-use plastic, Equo Straws has launched with a 100% biodegradable and compostable straw using natural ingredients sourced from local farming communities.

  • France: Marseille became the latest French municipality to elect a green mayor on Saturday, in a wave that has swept the country since local elections at the end of last month.

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