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OGN Tuesday

Reasons to be cheerful: round up of today's good news.

  • People have done all sorts of weird and wonderful things during lockdown, including re-arranging their bookshelves to reflect the 'new normal'. Read the titles of the books above from top left to bottom right, in order.

  • Coronaspeak: Why is it that some new words - like Quarantini - take hold and others fail?

  • Starting in July the window opens when missions to Mars can be easily sent across the interplanetary gulf. If all goes well it's going to be a busy month, with three such missions being mounted by NASA, China and the United Arab Emirates heading for the Red Planet.

  • France: In last week’s local elections, French voters showed the environment remains at the top of the agenda. And now Emmanuel Macron has a 146 point plan to tackle climate issues.

  • UK government has announced a £1.57bn rescue package for the country’s beleaguered cultural sector to help theatres, museums and music venues make it through the crisis.

  • Lamborghini: Car or motorboat? Now you have a choice. Check out this gorgeous one minute promo video and let your fantasies run wild on the Riviera.

  • Denmark: Copenhagen, the Danish capital, now has around 220 miles of world-leading segregated cycle highways. The good news is that city planners everywhere are taking note.

  • US: Elon Musk wasn't kidding about launching Tesla shorts (in a two fingers style gesture to shorters), announcing new S3XY satin short shorts to his 35 million Twitter followers.

  • Australia: Sydney, the county's largest city, has just started powering all its operations - street lights, sports facilities, buildings, and the historic Town Hall - with 100% renewable energy from local sources.

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