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Today's Good News

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Getting the weekend off to a bright start with a good news round up.

  • NASA's Tournament Earth competition pitted 32 astronaut photos of Earth and let space fans vote for their favorite. After over 930,000 votes were cast, the image snapped by astronaut Kate Rubins from the ISS stood out among the rest. Lake Van in Turkey is one of the largest alkaline lakes in the world, and it has an almost mystical appearance in the image.

  • In good news for England's beleagured pubs, bars and restaurants, alcohol sales more than doubled on Monday, compared to the same day in 2019, despite the fact that only 38 percent of venues with outdoor capacity in England re-opened that day, at the start of lockdown-lite.

  • Good news for 25 million Nigerians as their government commences its plan to deliver electricity through solar energy to communities that are off the national power grid.

  • Smartphone tech for fabric: Imagine if you could turn your jacket into a smart screen. In fact, no need to imagine it - as it may be in the shops in time for Christmas.

  • The whitest-ever paint has been produced by academic researchers in the US, with the aim of boosting the cooling of buildings and tackling the climate crisis. The new paint reflects 98 percent of sunlight as well as radiating infrared heat through the atmosphere into space. In tests, it cooled surfaces by 4.5C below the ambient temperature, even in strong sunlight. The researchers said the paint could be on the market in one or two years.

  • White House dog training: You've probably heard that Joe Biden's dog has been getting into a lot of trouble biting people. His German Shepard is now to undergo intensive training to ensure he only bites Republicans.

  • File this one under a feature the Kindle probably should have had since launch, but Amazon is now adding a great new feature that allows you to set the cover of the book you're currently reading as your lockscreen wallpaper. The company says it supports the covers of most books and magazines.

  • Electric records: British adventurer already holds two electric-powered records, now he's planning on a third...

  • New Zealand has become the first country to introduce a law requiring banks, insurance companies and investment managers to report the climate impact of their businesses. “This law will bring climate risks and resilience into the heart of financial and business decision-making,” said climate change minister James Shaw.

  • Electric trucks have the power to revolutionize the freight industry and drastically cut emissions, but designing a truck that can travel long distances and transport large amounts of goods on electric power is no easy feat. Fortunately, Daimler Trucks has announced they are ready to begin taking orders for their all-electric trucks. The company’s vision is that they will initially be used for transportation of goods between regional distribution centres and consumer sales stores. Once the company has expanded its rapid charging station infrastructure, it believes the trucks could replace combustion engine models entirely.

  • Horse catches himself in a mirror, over and over again - trying to work it out...

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