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Good News Sunday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Collection of positive news nuggets.

  • Well done (and congratulations!) to this Australian couple for not letting a 'once in a century' flood stop their wedding.

  • And spare a thought for Queen Elizabeth's horological conservator at Windsor Castle: Fjodor van den Broek. He will be spending about 16 hours over the weekend changing all 400 clocks on the Windsor estate, including about 250 in the castle itself, along with seven tower clocks.

  • The endangered California condor is to return to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in 100 years. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will allow the release of captive-bred giant vultures later this year. The project will be headed by the Yurok tribe, which considers it a sacred animal, and has been working for years to return the condor to the tribe's ancestral territory.

  • Supreme Court gives green light: It's very good news for Canada's ambitions to reach net-zero by 2050.

  • Romans greeted with joy the return of the traditional white-gloved traffic cop, who rises from a podium in Piazza Venezia to elegantly direct the vehicles coming from three directions. Now they’ve welcomed a break from the past after Cristina Corbucci, the first female traffic controller to stand on the platform, made her debut this week.

  • Scotland's Highland tigers: Wildcats were once widespread in the UK, but the ‘Highland tigers’ are now confined to just a few pockets of Scotland. Conservationists fear the species will become extinct. Not if Saving Wildcats has anything to do with it!

  • Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders to a virtual summit on the climate crisis, including Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. It's a two-day 'meeting' on 22 and 23 April and marks Washington’s return to the front lines of the fight against human-caused climate change, after Trump disengaged from the process. It comes ahead of a major UN climate meeting scheduled for November in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Of the big German automakers, Mercedes has been the slowest out of the blocks to produce electric vehicles. However, it's now getting into gear and will be producing eight electric models in three continents by next year, starting with its 435 mile range EQS which will be launched on 15 April.

  • The Million Gardens Movement: What do ten dollars, a garden, Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek and Elon Musk’s brother have in common?

  • Brits of a certain age will remember that Reginald Perrin made middle-class monotony funny. The landmark 1970s sitcom was dark, melancholic and often profound. And its long absence from our screens has only made it better. Catch it on BBC4 on Tuesday nights at 20.30 or anytime on BBC iPlayer. If you've never watched it, definitely check it out too.

  • Movie stars - past and present - dancing to Footloose in fun, cleverly cut video. Guaranteed to put a spring in your step!


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