The Million Gardens Movement

What do $10, Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek and Elon Musk’s brother have in common?

The answer: they are all part of a plan to create the world’s single biggest gardener community. The Million Gardens Movement (MGM) is a charitable and educational initiative that hopes to put a garden in every household - whether that’s on a fire escape, in a window box or in a community garden - and fresh fruit and veg on every plate.

The brain child of Frank Giustra (former owner and publisher of Modern Farmer magazine) and Kimbal Musk (Executive Director of the non-profit Big Green), MGM puts little garden units in homes and classrooms for just a $10 donation.

The Little Green Gardens are ready-to-use fruit and veg garden beds, and over 5,000 of them have already been distributed, and each comes with a customized growing plan and access to online lessons and activities to support the growing of culturally relevant at-home veggie gardens.”

The MGM platform is simple. If you’re a gardener, sign up to join the community. Donate $10 to give a garden to a family that can’t afford it, or that lives in a food desert, read and contribute to the blog, and then tell other gardeners about it.

With thousands of gardeners already involved in the movement, celebrities like Harrison Ford and Nicole Scherzinger, and a certain billionaire named Elon, are helping promote MGM.