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Good News Wednesday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Round up of good news from around the world on 29 April.

  • From Friday, Austrians will be allowed to leave their home for any reason for the first time in seven weeks, provided they continue to observe social distancing of 1 metre.

  • 400,000 New Zealanders returned to work this week. Well done Jacinda Ardern!

  • Three more beaches in Australia have reopened – including the famous Bondi beach.

  • Great news if your least favourite thing about football is players gobbing everywhere, a Fifa council member is calling for spitting to be punished by a yellow card when football resumes.

  • The laboratory sprinting fastest in the worldwide race for a vaccine is the Jenner Institute at Oxford University.

  • Conservationists are celebrating yet another environmental milestone as the last polluting coal-fired power plants in Austria and Sweden closed their doors.

  • UK Breaks Coal-Free Record: Coal-fired plants have not contributed to the electricity grid for over 18 consecutive days.

  • Since the US government began issuing stimulus cheques of $1,200 to Americans this week, thousands of people in stable financial positions have donated all or part of it to help people affected by COVID-19.

  • Population of endangered bumblebees recovers thanks to the revival of lost flower meadows by the National Trust (such as Lytes Carey Manor in Somerset, pictured above), working in tandem with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

  • Face masks look certain to be part of daily life soon. No worries: how's how to make your own face mask without the need for any sewing skills.

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