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Grate News: Cheese Museum Opens in Paris

Whether grated, melted, baked, sliced or slabbed on a board, France in particular is a nation of fromage lovers that camembert a day without it.

Musée du Fromage logo
Credit: Musée du Fromage

France produces 246 varieties of cheese and many of the world's most famous cheeses are French: roquefort, brie, morbier, cantal, camembert and Époisses de Bourgogne, the latter of which was crowned best cheese at last year's so-called 'world cup of cheese'.

It seems surprising, then, that the gastronomical heaven of Paris is only just opening a museum dedicated to its dairy deities. Spearheaded by Paroles de Fromagers and its founder Pierre Brisson, this one-of-a-kind project in Paris aims to celebrate France's rich cheese heritage and its artisans.

The Musée du Fromage, which opened this week, promises total immersion in the world of cheese, which includes an interactive exhibition gallery, educational spaces, and even a dairy where cheese will be produced before visitors' very eyes. The aim is twofold: to introduce visitors to the riches of the French terroir, and to encourage young people to take up the profession, given the shortage of applicants in the industry.

The museum is organized into an educational trail that begins with the culture of cheese, continues with the secrets of its manufacture and ends on a gourmet note with an immersive tasting session. Yes, we love this part of the experience already! Each stage is designed to highlight the caseology, ancestral know-how and unrivalled diversity of French cheeses.


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