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Greatest Mistake on Live TV Ever?

He showed up for a job interview and the BBC accidentally put him on live TV as an expert.

We've all been there at some point or another, nervously waiting for a big job interview, hoping you don't screw it up. Interviews are stressful but there's likely no job interview more stressful than the one Guy Goma went on for the BBC, when he was mistaken for an expert for a news segment. The person they were supposed to interview for the news segment was Guy Kewney, an actual music industry expert. But with cameras rolling and questions being asked, Goma took a deep breath and answered the newscaster.

In the clip below you can see Goma calmy (well, reasonably calmly) trying to figure out what was going on after the realization that he had been placed on live television with no idea what he was about to be asked. Was it to test him under pressure?

It didn't stop him though, once he committed to going along with the expert interview he did as well as could be expected. While he tried desperately to control his breathing, he was able to inform the interviewer that he was predicting more people would begin downloading music online and it would become a faster process. I mean, he was right, even if he had no idea at the time.

Surprisingly, after the on-air snafu in 2006 and subsequent save by Goma, he didn't get the job he applied for, which is most unfortunate because he was clearly perfect for whatever position he wanted.

Watch Goma's WTF reaction when he realizes what's going on...

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