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Greta's Climate Book

Greta Thunberg's famous zero-tolerance level for bulls*** is the beacon which has not only won her acclaim, but also lights the way through this collection of essays, evidence and potential solutions, written by a remarkable roll-call of experts, scientists, activists and authors.

Great Thurnberg's Climate Book

The book replicates Thunberg’s career to date – highly adept at pulling out the most salient facts, explaining precisely what they mean, and the steps which must be taken to remedy the problems – with no compromises.

But unlike her short sharp speeches to world leaders, the scope of this work is planetary in scale. It's a massive undertaking in which she calls on the best people possible to help her make sense of the trashing of the natural world and the ecosystems life depends on.

At this point in her career – aged 19 – instead of writing any kind of self-aggrandising book heavy on her triumphs, this work instead elevates the voices of others – showcasing in its very substance the way forward in tackling crises.

Each section of the book contains an essay by Thunberg, introducing and synthesising what she has learned, drawing down the extraordinary quantity of information and channelling it into a form of urgent momentum towards change.

In the later essays, there is expert analysis on how we can: recover from consumerism, avoid climate apathy, change our diets, change farming and fishing techniques, our energy sources, return land to nature through rewilding and recalibrate our conservation expectations.

Ultimately, this is an unexpectedly uplifting volume, fizzing with the world’s best science and analysis, and what we can now do with it. Is this the perfect Christmas stocking filler for both sceptics and the converted?

As one critic put it: 'Anyone interested in existing on our planet should read this.'

Hopefully, she's sending a copy of her book to all attendees at the forthcoming COP27 in Egypt. And it would be even better news if they all read it - and acted upon it.

The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg is published by Penguin Random House.



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