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Has Ikea Solved the Biggest Air Purifier Problem?

Air purifiers have become remarkably desirable since 'you know what' reared its ugly head, suddenly becoming an essential component to clean up our (surprisingly dirty!) indoor air.

Apparently, this leads to a secondary problem. Where to put it? Ikea's solution is its new Starkvind air purifier - an air purifier that’s also a side table. Priced at $190, Ikea has tucked the electronics of the air purifier directly underneath the surface of a side table - that’s available in either pale birch or a dark oak. So instead of putting yet another thing on your countertops, or carving out some floor space for a standing air purifier, you can set up air filtration as easily as adding a small table to your room.

Since nobody really designs a living room around their air purifier, Ikea may be onto something by just sneaking it into the side table you already need.

Ikea claims the three-stage air filter captures 99.5 percent of small particles down to 2.5 micrometers across a medium-sized room of 215 square feet. But it is not a full-blown HEPA filter, so there’s no guarantee it will filter out viruses.



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