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Hilarious Sign War

Updated: Feb 6

A McDonald's and Dairy Queen in Marshfield, Missouri started a hilarious "sign war" which inspired other neighboring businesses to get involved.

It all kicked off when employees at McDonald's, who clearly had time on their hands and were looking for something to do to perk up their day, decided to pick a 'fight' with the nearby Dairy Queen, writing on their big sign: "Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war".

McDonald's sign in Missouri

Dairy Queen, located on the other side of the same parking lot, was quick to fire back at McDonald's for their infamously broken ice cream machines. The team at DQ ran out to their sign and shot back with...

Dairy Queen sign in Missouri

Ice cream sign in Missouri

Not to miss out on the fun, other local business decided to get involved too...

Realtor's sign in Missouri

Bank sign in Missouri

Street sign in Missouri

ATM sign in Missouri

Big Mac sign in Missouri

Angela Jones, shift lead of the Marshfield Dairy Queen, said the war will continue until someone surrenders - and it won't be her eatery.

All photos: Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce


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