House Plant Hotel

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Worried about how your house plants will survive whilst you're away?

Worry not! A plant shop has come up with an innovative solution: a hotel created exclusively for house plants, where they can enjoy their own holiday whilst you’re sipping a gin and tonic on the beach.

The Patch Plant Hotel is the brainchild of Freddie Blackett, who runs an online plant shop called Patch. Now, Patch operates as a service dedicated to putting customers at ease by tending to their plants. From pots to plant care, Patch offers a unique approach to personalized gardening. The best news? The service is free.

The hotel is located in North London and you just go to the website to book. Simply input your holiday dates and how many indoor and outdoor pots you need to be looked after whilst you're on the beach. The Plant Hotel concierge then gets in touch and advises on dropping off and picking up your plants.

Both Patch and non-Patch customers are welcome to leave their plants at the hotel, which has 'rooms' from the sun-soaked to the shady depending on your treasured plant’s preference. Let's hope the idea is a success and the idea is replicated near where you live too.