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Huge Floating Swimming Pool Opening in NYC This Year

Shaped like a giant plus sign, this enormous floating swimming pool started as just a concept over a decade ago. But with a groundswell of local support and interest in accessing New York’s East River, it looks like it’s coming to life in the coming months.

Floating swimming pool under Brooklyn Bridge
Credit: +Pool

+POOL will be 9,000 square feet (836 sq.m), with a unique floating design that filters the water inside it, with a number of unique patented features to make sure the water is sanitized and up to swimming pool standards. The floating swimming pool will filter water through its walls, cleaning more than 1,000,000 gallons of water a day without chemicals or additives.

In addition to contributing to the health of New York State’s waters, + POOL’s is adaptable; able to be reconfigured for lap swimming, lounging, water sports, and children’s activities. Each configuration can be used independently, combined to form an Olympic-length pool or opened completely into a 9,000 square foot pool for play.

It’s a unique design that will enable New Yorkers to access waterways in an entirely new way, and is likely to be especially popular in hot summer months. The exact location of the $16m pool is still be determined, but seeing it rendered near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge looks pretty fantastic, with stunning views of Manhattan’s impressive skyline.

“Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams have shown incredible leadership aligning several New York State and City agencies, dozens of staff and experts to make this proposal a reality. +POOL will spur new approaches to how we experience and interact with our waterways, promote economic activity, and lead to healthier New Yorkers,” says Friends of +POOL Board Chair, George Fontas.

Learn more about +POOL and the plan to bring it to life on their website.


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