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Infinity Game Table

Every year tech companies descend on Las Vegas to show off their wares at the vast Consumer Electronics Show (although, this year, it was staged online). What's our favourite idea for 2021? Easy. If you're a board game fan, you'll almost certainly be tempted too.

Are your cupboards or shelves crammed to bursting with board games? The Infinity Game Table hopes to condense all of those boxes into one sleek coffee table. Think of it like a kindle for board games.

The use case of the table is straightforward: it allows people to play any board game they want on a digital touch screen. The table not only has a large number of board games already digitized, but it is also connectable to board game tables in other households. This is particularly relevant for all of the board game junkies who had to put their addiction on hold, or play over Zoom, in the era of social distancing.

The Infinity Game Table is still in development but has so far raised $1 million from backers on Kickstarter. It plans to retail for $600, and there are already working prototypes out to reporters, so the entire concept isn't just a pipe dream like some Kickstarter projects.

Now, all they've got to do is to figure out how to load puzzles (imagine, no more lost pieces!) and it should take over the world.

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