Kindness of Strangers

It turned out to be good news for everyone involved.

Jason Gasparik, 40, was driving home from work when he spotted a dog running back and forth in the traffic in Charlotte, North Carolina. He pulled over and rushed into the road to rescue the brown labrador before it was hurt.⁠

When the dog had calmed down, Jason took it home and started the search for its owner. Jason put out a few posts on various social media channels, but it didn't produce any results. So, he went to Plan B and made a makeshift sign. He wrote a simple question on a sheet of cardboard: “Do you know this lost dog?” and went and stood on a street corner with the sign and the labrador.⁠

When a local photographer snapped a pic of the lab and Jason together, it quickly went viral. In no time, a woman who saw the picture, heard about a man looking for his lost dog. She showed the gentleman the pic and soon after, the two were happily reunited.⁠

Turns out, Jason’s dedication to help the lost animal and their viral picture, gained him the attention of the ladies, and he even got some date requests.⁠


Kindness is Good for Physical Health

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