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King Charles Launches YouTube Channel

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

King Charles III has long championed the need for mankind to look after our planet, now he's behind a new environment focused channel.

King Charles III

In September last year, OGN asked Will Charles be a Climate King? Now, less than two months after his official coronation, King Charles III is getting busy on YouTube. The monarch has debuted a new channel for his environment nonprofit.

Charles launched RE:TV as part of his on-going effort to persuade us all to address the climate crisis. “The time to act is now,” reads a message that greets visitors to the nonprofit’s website. For RE:TV, action means providing a platform for innovative climate solutions. The organization teams up with local crews to shoot videos that champion climate action. So far, more than 70 of those short films have been produced.

Initially, RE:TV videos were distributed through platforms like Amazon Prime and Bloomberg. The brand’s new channel gives it a foothold on YouTube - and an expanded audience. Just two months after RE:TV’s YouTube arrival, it has already shared more than 50 long-form videos and Shorts.

If you visit the RE:TV YouTube channel you will discover the effort the Prince of Wales, now King Charles, has made to speak up about environmental conservation. A recent upload chronicles “50 years of speaking up for the planet” by recruiting some celebrities to echo the King’s eco-friendly soundbites.

Meanwhile, of course, his eldest son has also picked up the baton, having launched his multi-million pound Earthshot Prize with Sir David Attenborough in 2020.

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