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Listen to The Sounds of Forests Around The World

TimberFestival is collecting the sounds of woodlands and forests from all around the world, creating a growing soundmap that brings together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands.

Map of the world

The sounds form an open source library, to be used by anyone to listen to and create from and already has a remarkable number of recordings available for us all to enjoy.

Why not tune in to discover the sound of cuckoos calling on a summer evening in Finland, or the call of a white throated night jar in Queensland, Australia? Perhaps the dawn chorus and beaver tail slaps at the Denali National Park in Alaska or the busy sounds within the Ajman Mangroves of the United Arab Emirates would be more your thing?

Whatever you choose, it's sure to give you a delightful, calming, soul-boosting injection of the sounds of nature. Click Sounds of the Forest and explore the sounds of the world.

Birds migrating


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