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Mercedes Reinvents Car Dashboard

Mercedes promises its full-width Hypercreen can be mastered by five-year-olds in no more than 10 minutes.

Whilst Tesla were the first to place digital screens on their cars' dashboards, Mercedes has unveiled its new Hyperscreen, the largest piece of glass ever mounted inside a Mercedes. It gently curves from driver’s to passenger’s door and is in fact three screens under one piece of glass glued on top.

It won’t be cheap. “If you have to ask you won’t be an EQS customer,” says Ola Källenius, Daimler AG chairman. “We are expecting a high take-up rate, though.” Adding: “I always say to my engineers that the technology needs to be easily operated by a five-year old, or a member of the Daimler board of management."

"I promise you, that it would take less than 10 minutes to teach you to operate it and the next-generation voice control is amazing, so if you can’t find a feature, you just ask it to do something and it does it."

“This technology is a must if you want to be leaders in the luxury market,” he told The Telegraph. While the workings are all digital, Mercedes claims the screen is a mix of digital and analogue, largely because the air vents come through the glass at the sides.

He points to the huge amount of information that an electric car needs to convey to the driver - and the Hyperscreen will be able to do this. It's scheduled to appear on at least four new Mercedes-Benz models in future. In the meantime, we’ll wait to see if tapping, stroking and gesturing at an all-glass dashboard catches on.



Infinity Game Table

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