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More Interesting Unusual Words

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

20 little used words that you might like to add to your memory bank.

Scrabble pieces assembled to say: Choose Your Words

Amoretto: A little cupid.

Anadromous: The ability to migrate from salt water to spawn in fresh water, such as salmon.

Broch: Luminous ring around the moon.

Feuilleton: A part of a newspaper or magazine devoted to material designed to entertain the general reader.

Gaudiloquent: Speaking joyfully or on joyful matters.

Gelastic: Uncontrolled laughing or giggling.

Geolatry: The worship of the Earth.

Incunabulist: One who collects early books.

Limnology: The study of bodies of fresh water.

Nomiatrist: Lawyer specializing in medical cases.

Obrogate: To alter the law by passing a new law.

Ogdoad: A group or set of eight.

Prognathic: Having a jaw that projects forward.

Psammophile: Sand-loving plant.

Rhotacism: Excessive or incorrect pronunciation of the letter “r”

Semestral: Half-yearly.

Sigmoid: Shaped like the letter C.

Smeuse: A hole in a hedge or wall.

Vexillology: The study of flags.

Yad: A tapered, usually ornamented rod, usually of silver, with the tip of the tapered part forming a fist with the index finger extended, used by the reader of a scroll of the Torah as a place marker.


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