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Net Zero Emissions Trans-Atlantic Flight

The world's first net-zero transatlantic flight is expected to take to the skies next year. The demonstration flight will use an aircraft powered by 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

It is hoped many more flights could starting using SAF, which the UK government said has the potential to "deliver significant carbon savings, improve domestic fuel security, support thousands of green jobs and put flying on a more sustainable path".

The fuel is made from waste materials such as household waste or used cooking oil. It offers greenhouse gas emissions savings of more than 70 percent compared to conventional fossil jet fuel when fully replacing kerosene. When combined with greenhouse gas removals, using 100 percent SAF results in a net-zero flight.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "This trailblazing net-zero emissions flight, a world first, will demonstrate the vital role that sustainable aviation fuel can play in decarbonising aviation in line with our ambitious net-zero targets.  That's not just great news for the environment, it's great news for passengers who will be able to visit the Big Apple without increasing damaging greenhouse gas emissions."


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