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New Entries to

The online dictionary has recently updated its listing with 566 new entries. Here are a handful of OGN's favourite new words that you may wish to add to your lexicon.


Accismus: noun. An ironic rhetorical device, in which one feigns indifference, or makes a pretense of refusing something one desires.

Bloatware: noun. Unwanted software that is preinstalled on a newly bought device, especially when it negatively impacts the device’s performance.

Blursday: noun (informal). A day not easily distinguished from other days, or the phenomenon of days running together.

Jawn: noun (informal). Something or someone for which the speaker does not know or does not need a specific name. Example: Can you hand me that jawn right there?

Jolabokaflod: noun. An Icelandic tradition in which books are given as Christmas presents and opened on December 24, after which the evening is spent reading the books: from a practice begun in 1944, when paper goods were among the most available items in postwar Iceland.

Kakeibo: noun (Japanese). A system of maintaining one’s household budget based on a simple financial philosophy of spending and saving that is both mindful and purposeful.

Nepo baby: noun. A celebrity with a parent who is also famous, especially one whose industry connections are perceived as essential to their success.

Paraprosdokian: noun. A sentence or expression in which the second part provides an unexpected resolution or contrast to the first part, as in I’d like to see you again, but I’ve lost my glasses.

Poe’s Law: noun. An adage of internet culture stating that unless some tone indicator is used, it is impossible to tell the difference between an extreme view being sincerely espoused and an extreme view being satirized.


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