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New High Tech Chicken Coop

You might think that the humble chicken coop is one thing that was never going to receive a high-tech makeover. The designers of a camera- and alarm-equipped chicken home known as The Coop, however, would be inclined to disagree.

New high tech chicken coop made in Texas
Credit: Coop

Manufactured in Texas, The Coop is designed for use by regular people who keep, or would like to keep, up to six chickens in their backyard. It consists of a shelter known as the Roost, along with a detachable fenced outdoor area called the Run.

The weatherproof Roost is made of double-walled recyclable plastic, with the air gap between those walls providing insulation on cold nights. An integrated light sensor automatically opens the shelter's door in the morning when the sun rises, then closes it again when the sun goes down at the end of the day … keeping predators out, whilst the chickens enjoy their snug, secure accommodation overnight.

Owners of a nervous disposition can keep an eye on their chickens from anywhere with internet access via an app and two HD night-vision cameras - one in the Roost and one in the Run. If a predator is spotted trying to get into either area, the user remotely triggers an SOS mode which illuminates both camera lights, closes the Roost's door (if it's open), and the coop's integrated speakers plays the sound of a dog barking.

The app can also be used to manually open and close the door, if any stragglers are left outside in the evening.

The Coop is currently available within the US for preorder, temporarily priced at US$1,995. Buyers will also require a $19.99 monthly membership for online camera access and litter trays (12 per year). First orders should ship this spring.



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