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NYC Mayor: City Gets Special Energy from Crystals

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

New York City mayor, Eric Adams, revealed in a recent interview that he believes there is a “special energy” that comes from the city he presides over, citing its location on a store of rare gems and stones.

New York City

Adams regularly wears “energy stone bracelets” featuring an array of powerful crystals and, says Andrew Pacholyk, a New York-based crystal expert, the mayor is right about one thing: the city is indeed located on unique bedrock that has been known to produce more than 100 varieties of mineral. It's called the Manhattan schist - formed about 450m years ago in a tectonic collision between what is now the east coast of North America and the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Many visitors to New York and, of course, its residents, say the city has a special vibe. So what effect might crystals be having? Pacholyk, perhaps unsurprisingly, is somewhat vague on specifics but believes that certain areas in Manhattan do have a “special energy” owing to the unique mix of minerals found there. He says it can be felt more strongly in natural areas with exposed rock, like Central Park.

The New York mayor's interest in crystals is in line with rising trends, as the industry has boomed in recent years, says Isabelle Corvin of the American Gem Society. “It always ebbs and flows, but during the pandemic more people had time to research and embrace the metaphysical,” Corvin said. “I think we were all looking for something bigger than ourselves to help us get through what was going on.”

So, whilst the jury may still be out on the metaphysical qualities of the Manhattan schist, what crystals are under New York City?

Quartz: “Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’ of stones,” Pacholyk says. “Our own body has quartz in it as a mineral, so it is believed we resonate to its properties vibrationally and magnetically. If you are open to it, you can feel it.”

Dumortierite: The stone of “tolerance and tranquility”,” Pacholyk says, promoting “self-discipline, cleanliness, courage, trust, accomplishment, harmony, positive attitude, patience and tolerance”.

Black and blue kyanite: Black kyanite is known for its grounding properties, while the blue version is about strengthening creativity and the relationship to the metaphysical. The mix, Pacholyk says, reflects “the dualities of the city”. “Black kyanite very much represents drive and vision, while blue kyanite is more spiritual and otherworldly,” he says. “People flock to New York to find their tribe and purpose, and to follow their dreams. That’s why people are drawn to this place.”

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