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OGN Saturday

Collection of good news snippets to kick start the weekend.

  • Great news for a British-Nigerian student, aged 21, who has just secured a $1 million book deal for her novel Ace of Spades, from US publisher MacMillan.

  • Costa Rica pledges to ban all single-use plastics by 2021 in bold stance against pollution and the tyranny of plastic.

  • Hollywood: After being routinely and loudly criticised in recent years, the Oscars has finally announced the introduction of new guidelines that are designed to improve diversity and inclusion for its most prestigious award: Best Picture.

  • London: Park and bride! Five couples tie the knot at the UK's first drive-through wedding service after having their big days postponed due to 'you know what'.

  • US: Drive-in cinemas have been booming, for obvious reasons. But this one in New Jersey is also responding to the other big story of the year, by showcasing the work of black filmmakers like Jordan Peele and Spike Lee. 'I wanted to create an opportunity for black people to see themselves in a positive light,' says one of the owners.

  • UK economy grew by nearly 7 per cent in July.

  • Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, has been spending lockdown virtually jamming with fans and accepted 10 year old drummer’s Virtual Drum-Off Challenge. He accepted defeat in the challenge because Nandi Bushell, as shown in this inspiring video, delivered a note-perfect performance of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.”

  • In good news for the environment, McDonald’s will begin testing a new system of reusable, returnable cups to cut back on the demand for hot beverage to-go containers that sees 600 billion of them produced per year around the world.

  • Fabulous news for a lady who lost her wedding ring in the garden almost four decades ago as it's just been found it buried in the soil - a few days before her 40th wedding anniversary.

  • Electrifying returns: Scottish firm makes £13 billion from Tesla shares. Baillie Gifford, the firm behind the purchases, runs a century-old investment trust, Scottish Mortgage. Investment trusts are often regarded as slightly old-fashioned, conventional vehicles for cautious investors but it's great news for Baillie Gifford’s small investors as the share price of the Scottish Mortgage investment trust, where Tesla shares form 13% of the fund, is up nearly 300 per cent over the past five years.

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