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OGN Sunday

Sundays are always sunnier with a sprinkling of good news.

  • Kenya: Amboseli National Park, renowned for its stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, now has a new claim to fame: an elephant baby boom, with a record 140 newborn pachyderms welcomed into the world, courtesy of the lack of tourist interruptions and abundant rains that created rich vegetation. Every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining.

  • Japan: Possible breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research as ‘Love Drug’ Oxytocin is found to reverse damage in mice brains.

  • Cotswolds: Large blue butterfly returns to Cotswolds for first time in 150 years after an extraordinary conservation effort to accommodate insect’s complex lifecycle pays off handsomely.

  • Pakistan: Achieves its carbon reduction promise under the UN Climate Goal 2030 a decade earlier than the deadline.

  • Colombia: Bogotá is one of the most congested cities in the world with commuters losing an average of 191 hours a year sitting in traffic (that's the equivalent of 24 eight hour working days), but the city's avid cyclist Mayor Claudia López is hoping to turn the transportation tide by expanding bicycle transportation

  • US: The Justice Department says it has seized millions of dollars from cryptocurrency accounts that militant groups, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, relied on to finance their organisations and violent plots. Officials described it as the largest-ever seizure of virtual currency funds related to terrorism.

  • Bill Gates recently spent seven days at his hideaway cottage on a cedar forest waterfront, partaking in a twice-yearly ritual he calls his Think Week.” But this article is only partially about Bill...

  • Turkey: Mother of blind university student received an honorary law degree for reading aloud her daughter's lecture notes for 4 years.

  • Good news for UK headbangers: the Reading and Leeds festivals are cancelled this year, but the BBC has announced plans for a stay-at-home version. A dedicated iPlayer channel will show archive footage across the August bank holiday weekend.

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