OGN Wednesday

Mid week collection of positive news snippets.

  • The wonderful German word that sums up the way we're all feeling. Fernweh describes a desperate “longing for distant places” - which, surely, we will all be able to enjoy again in the not too distant future. Like a trip to Bhutan, pictured. Sweet dreams are made of this!

  • It’s difficult to imagine that the fires raging in the mountains of California and Oregon would be good news for anything - but such events are beneficial to nature, playing a vital role in keeping ecosystems healthy. And for the native black-backed woodpecker, it’s truly the best of times.

  • A Belgian professor has completed the first dictionary of the rare Indigenous Australian language of Umpithamu after 17 years of research with the help of two sisters who were last active speakers of Umpithamu, thus preserving the language for posterity.

  • Indiana: Goodbye, dirty old coal-fired power plant. Hello, sunshine, bees and butterflies. This is a win-win-win for local residents, the Earth, and our food systems.

  • UK government plans to bring forward ban on sale of new fossil fuel vehicles from 2040 to 2030 to speed up electric car rollout as sales of eco-friendly motors overtake diesel for first time.

  • Pfizer vaccine may be out before end of year. The key data for the Covid-19 vaccine’s late-stage trial should be received for the FDA by late October.

  • One of the “winners” in the new world we live in has been electric two-wheelers like e-bikes and e-motorcycles, which commuters have turned to in huge numbers. E-bike and e-motorcycle manufacturers are set to triple sales in 2020. That's also good news for our health and the planet's.

  • Take inspiration from Sebbie Hall: Sebbie, who's 17, has learning and physical difficulties. Once lockdown started, the teenager from Staffordshire told his mother that he wanted to help, and she suggested that he should think about assisting some charities. Sebbie's response was to carry out random acts of kindness - 100 acts in 10 days. He's now raised over £4,000 and his final act of kindness was to deliver 200 NICE biscuits to give random strangers a NICE day. How lovely is that?

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