OGN Monday

Collection of good news snippets to put a spring in your step.

  • A Norwegian TV show is taking some of the toxicity out of current political debate by forcing guests to be courteous to each other. Called Einig? (meaning Agreed?), and hosted by Ingunn Solheim (pictured), the show has a few simple rules: no interrupting, no rudeness and participants must promise to try to understand opposing arguments. So far this great idea seems to be working, with quarrel-free debates held on abortion, feminism and climate change.

  • Aquariums closed to visitors because of lockdown have, perhaps unsurprisingly, reported huge increases in traffic to their live webcams as people turn to the underwater world for relaxation and stress relief. It really is remarkably calming.

  • As is lavender! So, congratulations to Bulgaria, the former communist country in Eastern Europe, as it overtakes France to become the world leader in lavender oil production.

  • In really good news for those with deep pockets and a penchant for green transportation, a company called Lunaz has just announced the arrival of a classic Rolls-Royce that they have turned electric, and even more luxurious than the original incarnation of the 1960s.

  • The European Union’s investment bank is to stop funding oil, gas and coal projects at the end of 2021. The bank will now make lending decisions that observe the Paris climate accord and plans to invest €1 trillion towards climate-focused projects over the next decade.

  • In potentially fabulous news for the environment, a new type of plastic may be the first that's infinitely recyclable.

  • British Medical Journal says that honey is a more effective treatment for coughs, blocked noses and sore throats than many conventionally prescribed medications.

  • Perk up your day by enjoying this incredible video of a beluga whale playing rugby with the crew of a South African marine research vessel in the freezing Arctic ocean.

  • Germany: A mystery benefactor has been handing out “surprise bags” (wundertüete) of money - more than €200,000 so far - for local causes in the city of Brunswick. The bags have been appearing at regional newspaper the Braunschweiger Zeitung with instructions on which charity the money should go to. A hospice, churches in need of repair and a bureau for crime victims are among causes to have benefitted.

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