OGN Thursday

Today's selection of uplifting news snippets.

  • Good news for art lovers as Florence’s Bargello Museum says the public may finally be allowed to see sketches by Michelangelo on the walls of a secret room that has remained private since its discovery 40 years ago. The room, beneath the Medici Chapels in the city’s Basilico di San Lorenzo, is expected to open to visitors in the next few months.

  • No News is Good News, says media regulator Ofcom. It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive for OGN Daily to publish a story with a headline like that but, actually, it gives this nascent news outlet a perfect opportunity to blow its own trumpet.

  • London: this year's Notting Hill Carnival - which normally attracts a million people to the streets of west London - will be a series of free streamed events, already filmed, to be shown across four channels at Notting Hill Carnival. Events run from 29-31 August. Join the fun!

  • Philately Lately: Why are some African countries celebrating dead English cricketers, 17th century Flemish artists and Baroque pianists on their stamps?

  • Norway: In good news for common sense and appropriate activism, Nordic hedge fund worth more than $90bn (£68.6bn) dumps its stocks in some of the world’s biggest oil companies and miners because they were using their political clout to block green policies.

  • Solar power breakthrough: Perovskite coating provides the first major step-change in solar power generation since the technology emerged in the 1950s, and could play a major role in helping to tackle the climate crisis by increasing clean energy.

  • A ‘public health triumph’: Africa declared free of wild polio. The WHO confirmed yesterday that the continent has defeated the virus, following a successful vaccination programme.

  • New York: How the world’s largest garbage dump evolved into a green oasis. The radical fix for a noxious landfill in Staten Island: Bury the trash, plant some grass and do nothing for 20 years.

  • MAGA: Vice President Pence just tried to update President Trump’s longtime campaign slogan. It didn’t go well. Trump was elected in 2016 with “Make America Great Again” as his slogan. This year, Trump has wavered between using the same slogan - despite the implication he failed to make America great during his first term - or changing it to “Keep America Great.” But, at the Republican National Convention, Pence tried a different take. “We’re gonna make America great again, again,” he declared. Brilliant!

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